Tastes like chicken?

No. Well, maybe to the unsophisticated palate. Welcome to my rattlesnake recipe website. I love the taste of game. Pheasant, wild boar, caribou, and of course, rattlesnake. When in the southwest there is nothing more, well, southwest – than dining on a delicious rattlesnake meal.

It has a very gamey flavor. Almost a delicate seafood-like taste, depending on how it is served. A little like alligator, a little like quail, a little like frog legs. But then again, not quite like any of those. It really is unique and needs to be tasted when cooked in a lightly spiced dish to be appreciated.

Oh, sure – you can spice it up if you want. You can substitute it for any other meat in lots of recipes. You can make a rattlesnake burger and cover it with barbeques sauce if that’s your thing. Many rattlesnake recipes are nothing more than a spicy meat dish with snake substituted for the beef, pork, chicken, or seafood.

But you are going to miss out on the wonderfully unique rattlesnake flavor if you do that. The snake should be boiled and/or simmered first so you can remove the meat from the bones. So boil it with a little bit of spice and some lemon juice and taste it before proceeding with your masterpiece.

Go ahead and try some of the wonderful recipes on this site. Your taste buds will thank you!

Why Eat Rattlesnakes?

Why not? I didn’t claw my way to the top of the food chain to be a vegetarian! Anyway, these things are dangerous. They will bite you and deliver a world of hurt given half the chance. When’s the last time you heard of a chicken doing that? I say give the chickens a break today and let’s eat some snake.

There is an environmentalist movement that is against the killing of rattlesnakes for food. Of course there is. They think it’s cruel. Despite what these people say, snakes proliferate very efficiently in the wild. Besides, at least this kind of meat is the result of hunting. Snakes are not bred for human consumption – there’s something humanly honest and ancestrally connective about that. Is the scene of a massive field of cattle being gently led to the slaughter their portrayal of a humane meat industry?

Rattlesnake Facts

– Over 25 rattlesnake roundup events are held in the United States annually.

– The female rattlesnake gives birth to live young. A normal litter is 8 to 15. The gestation period is between four and seven months.

– The lifespan of a rattlesnake is about 20 years.

– The most dangerous rattlesnake is the Cascaval of South America. A whopping 75% of people bitten are reported to die of asphyxiation!

– The rattlesnake’s rattle can be heard from a distance of up to 60 ft.

– Rattlesnakes are deaf. They can’t even hear another snake’s rattle! They sense vibrations instead. Works for them.